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Bridge Street Bazaar is the creative merger of internationally traveled husband and wife team Crystal & Mohammad.  After apprenticing as a tailor in his teens, Mohammad developed a large team to produce garments for the booming fashion industry in Amman, Jordan.  As has happened in our region, those jobs moved overseas to Southeast Asia, while Mohammad took a more northern route to Seoul, South Korea. 

After meeting in Seoul in 2002, Crystal & Mohammad lived a passionate 8 years exploring every corner of this fascinating megalopolis.  While staying at home to raise their two daughters, Crystal delved deeply into the spectacular jewelry markets of Korea and the emerging world of e-commerce.  Through their wholesale website, www.dalfiya.com, they supply jewelry to boutiques worldwide, and specialize in custom made components for Etsy bridal jewelers.

Homesickness finally prevailed and the couple spent two years living with his family in Amman and then another two with hers on Cape Cod.  While visiting a friend in Western Mass, they fell in love with Shelburne Falls and were introduced to an adorable storefront right next to the bridge, where they launched their newest venture, a combination studio workspace and showroom - the Bridge Street Bazaar!

Step inside to find an eclectic and colorful array of clothing and accessories exclusively of natural materials, wool rugs and leather from Egypt, intricate carvings and fake gauge earrings from Bali, sterling silver by international artisans, and of course the sparkliest bridal and prom jewelry from Korea.  Mohammad's new line of furniture and shelving combines steel pipes with local slabs or upcycled wood.  And stay tuned for new textile lines produced right in Shelburne Falls!

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